In August, 2017 I had the AMAZING opportunity to travel to Pakistan, leading my quintet on a 10-day tour sponsored by the US State Department. Pakistan celebrated the 70th anniversary of its founding in August and I was invited to work with the US Embassy in Islamabad and several consulates across the nation on a series of concerts, workshops and collaborations with local artists and students to foster cultural diplomacy and cross-cultural understanding. 

As I've discovered is so often the case, the people and culture of Pakistan was almost nothing like what I had previously seen in the US news media. In our tour we visited Islamad, Karachi and Lahore where we experienced a wealth of wonderful, pluralistic people, incredible food and beautiful music. The video below is just one of the TV interviews that we did- this one in Islamabad- featuring in-studio performances and talk about US and Pakistani culture and the ways in which music can foster understanding and how one-on-one interactions between people can change perceptions. 

The Gabrielle Stravelli Quintet sits down with Maha Makhdum and Shahzad Khan of World This Morning in Islamabad, Pakistan. 

AuthorGabrielle Stravelli