Headlining the 2016 Eleuthera All that Jazz Festival was an incredible experience- from the stunning natural beauty of the island to our experiences performing throughout the festival. Below, some highlights: 

1.) With multi-instrumentalist Scott Robinson on sax at the opening night festivities. Photo by Marc Coeffic 2.) A sunset over the Atlantic Ocean. 3.) The Gabrielle Stravelli quartet jamming with guitarist King Solomon Hicks. Photo by Angela Laurio 4.) Enjoying some quality beach time! 5.) Conch. All conch all the time. 6.) The fabulous "Junkanoo Rush" at the Friday Evening Fish Fry downtown. 7.) The Gabrielle Stravelli quartet leading a jazz vespers service. Photo by Angela Laurio 8.) Gabrielle Stravelli working with local children to perform during jazz vespers. Photo by Angela Laurio

Performing in the 92 Y's Lyrics and Lyricists Series is always a pleasure- the 92Y is a fabulous place to work and what a pleasure to mine the work of composer Cy Coleman under the musical direction of Billy Stritch! Below are members of the cast and some of the lovely people who came to cheer us on our opening night. From left to right: Billy Stritch (musical director), Bil Charlap, Anita Gilette, Debby Boone (cast), La Tanya Hall and Debby Boone (castmates)

All pictures by Dan Fortune

So many thanks to everyone- Michael Feinstein, Fred Hersch, Carole J. Bufford, Julian Fleischer and Tony DeSare (from left to right)- who came to see our show at Feinstein's/54 Below! All pictures by Dan Fortune

Photographer Kevin Alvey captured some lovely moments from my solo show at NYC's Metropolitan Room. The last picture, my favorite, is of me and director Marilyn Maye. 

Photographer Frank Stewart traveled with the band and choir for the entire tour of Wynton Marsalis's Abyssinian: A Gospel Celebration, chronicling our time onstage and off. Traveling and performing this piece throughout the United States was one of the best experiences of my life. Below are some my favorite images of various concerts. All photos by Frank Stewart. 

In March 2013 I had the privilege and great pleasure of performing in 92Y's Lyrics and Lyricists Series. I appeared in "Give Me Fever: The Many Voices of Peggy Lee" which featured the work of Lee, who was a talented composer and lyricist in addition to being an iconic vocalist. If doing the show wasn't great enough, the cast was visited backstage by Liza Minelli after our final performance! Only in New York :)

 From left to right: Barbara Fasano, Linda Lavin, Liza Minelli, La Tanya Hall, Marilyn Maye, Billy Stritch, Gabrielle Stravelli

From left to right: Barbara Fasano, Linda Lavin, Liza Minelli, La Tanya Hall, Marilyn Maye, Billy Stritch, Gabrielle Stravelli

When I traveled to Europe for a series of gigs in the summer of 2013, one of the first venues we played was Morski Prasac or Sea Pigs, the premier club of Croatia's underground jazz scene. We played two sets of completely improvised music for some of the country's art and fashion elite, plus one gigantic Italian Mastiff named Benito Mussolini. 

Croatian artist Melinda Kostelac attended the show and took all photos featured below. 

My European tour in 2013 also included my first ever visit to Venice, Italy, where I had the privilege of playing a concert at Venice's oldest music conservatory for the Maree Sonore Festival. As if seeing this incredible city wasn't wonderful enough, the stage was set up in an enclosed space outdoors, with sculptures from the Venice Biennale surrounding us. Magic! 

Featured in the photos are Zoran Majstorovic on guitar, Jacob Melchior on drums and Pat O'Leary on bass. All photos by Vitaly Sobol. 

Photos from my performance at 54 Below in Susie Mosher's, Backstage, April 2013. All photos by Russ Weatherford

Our European tour included two gigs at Club Gayo in Ljubljana, Slovenia. I was so pleasantly surprised by this city- a hidden gem of Eastern Europe! The club is a beautiful outdoor garden space and the city is clean, cultured and lively with great food and lots of cool graffiti!  All photos by Gabrielle Stravelli.